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from: Amanda Gaines

WASHINGTON — Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has become a distraction in the race, says GOP Congressman Allen West.

“Beyond reassessing his campaign, he probably needs to understand that he is a distracter for what’s going on right now and we should move on,” said West, a Republican congressman who represents Florida.

West says Cain is no longer the front-running alternative to Romney — a role once held by candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, and that now belongs to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

“I think it’s going to be a two-man race when you boil it down,” West told the WMAL Morning Majority.

Romney has “hit a certain plateau” that he “can’t break through,” West said.

“Speaker Gingrich does bring a lot of political intellect and experience to the table.  His ideas that he is able to bring forth are, you know, exceptional, and I think that’s what makes him very viable.”

Being a front-runner in the GOP race exposes contenders to much harsher questioning and criticism, and West says Gingrich will be no different.

“He does have that 200-pound rucksack on his back with a lot of the personal baggage that people are going to come at him about,” West said.

But if Gingrich is West’s first choice, what are the chances of a Gingrich-West ticket?

“If people in this country believe that I can make a difference and that I can help to get our country back on track… If I can make a difference, then I’ll answer that call,” West said.

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