Author Michael Wolff’s Credibility Under Fire From An Unlikely Source

Michael Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury, a supposed insider tell-all about the new Trump administration, has less than a stellar reputation among journalists. His reputation for being free with the facts and providing his own settings makes one question the truth in what he writes. He has been attacked by serious writers and journalists even in the past. Look at where his supporters come from. The Hollywood Reporter supports Wolff, but that is a Hollywood rumor rag. Here are the pros and cons.

As Written and Reported By Michael Calderone for POLITICO:

After setting Washington ablaze with “Fire and Fury,” his gossipy account of infighting and incompetence in the West Wing, author Michael Wolff will face questions Friday morning about reporting methods that have come under scrutiny not only from the Trump White House, but other journalists.

Wolff’s publisher moved up the debut of the book to Friday to accommodate intense interest, while NBC’s “Today” show touted the first major interview with the author that morning.

The moves came after a day in which Wolff took heavy fire from the White House, while journalists — many of whom have had personal encounters with the 64-year-old New York media writer — engaged in a daylong social-media debate on his credibility.

“I wonder how many [White House] staff told Wolff things off the record that he then used on the record,” Bloomberg View columnist Joe Nocera tweeted Thursday. “He’s never much cared about burning sources. Can’t imagine that many of those quotes were meant for publication.”

Steven Rattner, a journalist-turned-financier and former Obama auto czar, tweetedThursday that “[Steve] Bannon may well have said all that stuff but let’s remember that Wolff is an unprincipled writer of fiction.”

Wolff and Rattner have a history of animosity, with Wolff writing critically about Rattner in his 2003 book, “Autumn of the Moguls,” and also in Vanity Fair. And ………


Journalists scrutinize Michael Wolff’s credibility – POLITICO

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