B-52’s Enter The Fight Against ISIS

The United States Air Force B-52, Nuclear Capable,  Stratofortress has been around a very long time. It is still a highly capable platform and has had many upgrades. The nuclear capacity will not come in to play here. However, its ability to rain down a carpet of bombs proved highly useful in past conflicts. It is being called in to provide relief for the B-1B to stand down and get upgrades. It will do well. Will it also send a message to all the different interests in the Middle East? It certainly should. Read the article and follow this issue.


US sending nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to ISIS fight


The United States is sending nuclear-capable B-52 aircraft to drop bombs on the Islamic State terror group, defense officials confirmed to Fox News Friday.

The B-52 Stratofortress will start its first bombing campaign against ISIS in April, the Air Force Times reports. It’s not clear how many B-52s or airmen will be involved.


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