Backup Was Needed in Georgia 6th Race

We’re nearing zero hour in the Georgia Special Election between Karen Handel (Republican) and Jon Ossoff (Democrat) for the 6th district. It’s an important race that is getting some national attention because it’s being used as a show of strength, in a sense, to President Trump’s victory and the democrats know just how important this is. It’s so important, in fact, that MILLIONS of dollars from out-of-state sources have been poured into his campaign and that’s not all that they’ve needed…

As Written By Chris Deaton for The Weekly Standard:

The minority leader is the GOP’s answer to anti-Trump sentiment down South.

Donald Trump’s campaign changed the political playbook in elections across the country. But if Republicans in greater Atlanta retain an imperiled House seat next Tuesday, it will be thanks in so small part to their having called a familiar play.

GOP candidate Karen Handel and a conservative super-PAC advertising against her Democratic opponent, Jon Ossoff, have invoked House minority leader Nancy Pelosi to define Ossoff as out-of-touch with the district’s voters. Handel said during a recent debate that Ossoff’s values were “some 3,000 miles away in San Francisco.” She called him a “liberal, Pelosi-like” Democrat in a recent interview. And the Congressional Leadership Fund, the super-PAC, has released multiple commercials linking the two. One that it pushed before the first round of voting on April 18 advised voters to “say no to Pelosi’s yes man.”

The demographics of the district, the Georgia 6th, indicate that such an approach should have legs. It has been reliably Republican for decades, and it remains favorable to the GOP despite recent redistricting that removed some of its reddest real estate. But it’s also the sort of suburbia that wasn’t gaga about the president in November; Trump won the district by fewer than two percentage points, the worst showing there by a GOP nominee in memory. So as Democrats try to use Trump’s name to sink Handel—”make Trump furious” was Ossoff’s theme when he launched his bid—Republicans have come up with their reply.

According to the CLF, they’re backed by sound data. As the Washington Examiner reported in April, “Tying Ossoff to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., proved especially effective. In an April poll the group conducted, respondents by a 62 percent to 26 percent margin said they preferred a candidate who would work with Ryan if elected to Congress, over one who would work with Pelosi.” The CLF’s aggressive last-minute intervention into the April runoff is credited with helping keep Ossoff below a 50-percent threshold that would have secured him the seat……..


Republicans Needed Backup in the Georgia 6th. They Found It in Nancy Pelosi.

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