Baltimore FOP3 and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are having a battle

In a battle of press releases, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake attempted to deny charges of stalling while praising police for their work.


Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are having a battle of the press releases today, with the police union claiming that it is being denied information it requires to prepare its report on the Freddie Gray riots (also known as the #BaltimoreUprising) that left a section of the city looted and in flames.

FOP3 tweeted yesterday that its After Action Review of the riots — a job it insists should be the responsibility of City Hall and/or the Baltimore Police Department — was nearly complete.


Baltimore police union accuses City Hall, BPD of withholding tapes, stalling; Mayor says charges ‘without basis’ | Twitchy

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