Bannon Calls Out George W. Bush!

Fromer Presidential aide Steve Bannon said that he would be freer to work for President Trump now that he was not in the White House. Steve lived up to that prediction today when he took on the Bush Dynasty. He actually got into a little bit of creative name-calling. After the name-calling, there were some remarks about GWB’s lack of leadership in controlling illegal immigration and amnesty. You can read the juicy tidbits here.

As Written By John Binder for Breitbart: 

Former President George W. Bush is a “brahmin Yankee from Yale” who is “pretending he’s a Texan,” Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon told the American families of illegal alien crime victims.

During a speech at the Remembrance Project conference, an organization that represents the illegal alien crime victims’ families, Bannon blasted the Bush dynasty, calling out President George W. Bush specifically on his lack of leadership on the issue of illegal and legal immigration.

“You want to know why I detest the elites of the Republican Party,” Bannon said. “Where were they? Where is Jeb Bush? Where were all these guys? Bush… Bush… Old man Bush – and the son today got a book out, you know. ‘The demise of the Republican Party, this Republican Party is falling apart. Donald Trump’s destroyed the Republican Party.’ You know why? Because finally folks like you have a say-so.”

On George W. Bush, Bannon said:

While’s he’s up in Kennebunkport or wherever they are. You know the other guy down there pretending he’s a Texan. You can’t take a brahmin Yankee from Yale and take him down to Texas to make a cowboy out of him. I don’t care how long you….


Steve Bannon Calls Out George W. Bush’s Lack of Leadership on Immigration: ‘Brahmin Yankee from Yale,’ ‘Pretending He’s a Texan’

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