Bannon Corrects What He and Many Of Us Believe is a Common Misperception of America

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon made the statement that we are a Nation of Citizens and are NOT a Nation of Immigrants. Just what does Mr. Bannon mean by that statement?  It is well known that a large part of our population was made up of immigrants that came to this nation. So just what is Bannon driving at?

It would seem that what is meant here is assimilation. People came to this country and joined this country. They accepted and embraced the culture here. That is why we are considered a melting pot. Now immigrants want to come here and isolate themselves and immerse themselves in the culture that they left. That is becoming the Balkanization of America. You can see it happening in Europe where there are now No-Go Zones. That is not citizenship.

As Written By John Binder for Breitbart: 

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon says the United States is a “nation of citizens” and “not a nation of immigrants” in Keith Koffler’s new book titled Bannon: Always the Rebel.

In the book, Bannon shoots down a generational campaign by Washington, D.C. politicians and the open borders and cheap labor lobby that describes the founding of America as one based on a “melting pot” of immigrants.

Bannon says the U.S. is founded on its citizens, and therefore the needs of its citizens should come before those of foreign nations and foreign nationals.

Koffler details in the book:

Bannon says, “We’re a nation of citizens; we’re not a nation of immigrants,” correcting what he believes is a common misperception. “So now we have to start to act like citizens come first. All policy should be oriented to making the working people in this country and the middle class in this country have a better shot at ….


Steve Bannon: ‘We’re a Nation of Citizens; We’re Not a Nation of Immigrants’ – Breitbart

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