Before You ‘Go Off’ On FBI Director Wray You Might Want To Read This

FBI Director Wray was one of those that wanted the House FISA Court surveillance abuse memo to not be released unless names were redacted. Why would an agency head appointed by President Trump not back the President’s play? This will make perfect sense. Read on.

As Written and Reported By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

When the FBI objected to release of the Nunes memo, at the reported urging of President Trump’s hand-picked successor to James Comey as FBI Director, Christopher Wray, the temptation to dismiss him as another deep state operative was understandable. All the more so when CNN and The Daily Beast’s fabulist Spencer Ackerman pushed the story that he was ready to resign yesterday. Naturally, the rest of the Trump-hating media picked up the story and ran with feverish hopes for a second Saturday Night Massacre, with its scent of President Trump’s departure in disgrace 45years ago..

Maybe so. But maybe the story is a little more complex, and maybe President Trump has his reasons for continuing to express confidence in the man he chose to reform a powerful agency that appears to have been hijacked at the top executive level.

For starters, the resignation threat appears to be fake news (again!).  Streiff of RedState:

…CNN has walked back their story

Wray has not directly threatened to resign after clashing with Trump over the possible release of the memo, the source added, because that is not his style of dealing with conflict.

Another person familiar with discussions about the memo said Wray didn’t threaten to quit when he met with Kelly earlier this week and in numerous conversations since, but White House chief of staff John Kelly believes that is a real possibility and has been working on a way to avoid another…..


Why Trump’s FBI head Christopher Wray urged withholding the Nunes memo

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