Ben Stein Has Some Words of Advice for President Trump About His Potential Meeting With Mueller

The most sage advice being given to President trump about meeting with Special Counsel Roberts Mueller and taking questions is “Don’t Answer” Mr. President. There are a lot of reasons why the President does not need to answer any questions. There are a lot more reasons as to why the President should NOT answer any questions. Here it is in a nutshell.

As Written By Ben Stein for The American Spectator:

In September of 1967, I was a first year at Yale Law School, returning from a year recovering from acute colitis. My then gf, soon to be my wifey, and I went to a demonstration in the Graduate Student Commons in support of striking cafeteria workers. We were milling around, probably shouting slogans, and a hulking campus cop came up to my classmate, an extremely self-confident, smart fellow named Walter D. Waggoner. The cop said, “What’s your name, boy?”

Walter looked him dead in the eye and said, “I don’t have to answer your f–king questions.”

The cop stared and then walked away.

This all came rushing into my antique brain as I watched the news tonight that our President, Donald J. Trump, had been asked to answer Special Vishinsky Prosecutor Mueller’s questions about “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Putin’s Russia in the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Incredibly, Trump, racing off to a conference of economic and finance bigwigs at Davos, Switzerland, said something like, “I’ll be glad to answer his questions.” Then he added, even more amazingly, “Under oath.”

Now, Donald R. Trump is a successful man. He has a jet plane. He’s President. He’s nobody’s idea of Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson, but he’s a smart guy.

Yet he has just done something foolish.

Let me tell you a few reasons why I say so:

One: There is no such crime as Russia/U.S. “Collusion.” The man who is running for President can talk to anyone he pleases. So can anyone who works for him. They can talk about anything except to disclose secret defense material. No one is even hinting that such a thing happened. So, there is no “there there” as my great, great Aunt Gertrude Stein said of…..


Don’t Answer His Questions, Mr. President | The American Spectator

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