Bernie Sanders Camp READY To Talk The Rigged Primary

You can bet your buttons that the Sanders Camp is now ready to talk about the rigged primary. Thanks to former interim Chair of the Democrat National Committee, we and the Sanders Camp have seen what really went on. Hillary Clinton took over the DNC a full year before actually winning her parties nomination. Debbie Washerman Schultz was obviously a part of the plot. 

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

My oh my… Donna Brazile has truly stirred up a hornet’s nest with her new book release. (Which, to be clear, is precisely what she wanted and needed to do to boost sales, so well done.) After her initial accusationsof how the DNC had rigged the primary – somehow without her knowledge despite being high up in the power structure – the accusations began flying in both directions inside the Democrats’ camp. The Joint Funding Agreement (JFA) between Hillary Clinton and the DNC was clearly more than the usual revenue-sharing deal, a point which Ed Morrissey made earlier today.

We’re left with the impression that a lot of people inside the Democratic National Committee are saying something was rigged, but nobody is taking responsibility for it or agreeing just how it all came about. Has anyone thought of talking to the person most directly affected by the aforementioned rigging? No… I don’t mean Keith Ellison, though he could probably use a look as well. I’m talking about Bernie Sanders. Even with the deck stacked against him even more than we knew at the time, he came within spitting distance of winning the nomination. And now his campaign is weighing in on the question. Was the primary rigged against him? Oh, you bet your Vermont maple syrup it was, baby. And they’ve got the proof. (NBC News)

Bernie Sanders campaign says they now have proof.

With last year’s primary still roiling the Democratic party more than a year later, two former Bernie Sanders campaign officials are charging the Democratic National Committee offered their campaign a less favorable fundraising deal than Hillary Clinton’s team received…

[T]wo of the Sanders campaign’s former top officials say they were never specifically offered one like Clinton’s and had no knowledge of their rival campaign’s arrangement.

“We had no addendum like this, no memorandum, no agreement like this,” said Mark Longabaugh, who was the campaign’s chief liaison to the DNC. “They basically came to us and said, here’s the agreement, take it ……


Sanders campaign: You wanna talk about a rigged primary? Oh, we’ll talk… – Hot Air Hot Air

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