Bernie Sanders’s Wife Slams Joy Reid And We Were Fist Pumping!

MSNBC host Joy Reid took a rather nasty shot at Senator Bernie Sanders in a tweet she posted on Twitter. It appears that it might have been a pre-emptive shot to eliminate Senator Sanders from Presidential contention in 2020. Unfortunately, Ms. Reed decided to drag Mrs. Sanders into the equation. That did not go well at all. The air in the room went really bad. here is the response from Mrs. Sanders. If I may say so: ATTAGIRL!

As Written By Beatrice Dupuy for Newsweek:

Senator Bernie Sanders’s wife has slammed MSNBC host Joy Reid for a tweet claiming that her husband’s “attitudes toward women” make him a “dubious” figure amid the many sexual harassment allegations being lodged against men in positions of power.

“Don’t ever use me to demean my husband,” Jane Sanders told Reid via Twitter.

Reid’s tweet was a response to a Twitter user’s comment recommending Bernie Sanders as an example of a white male authority figure who had yet to “crumble” or be accused in the current #MeToo campaign spreading on social media. That came after Reid tweeted: “The ‘voice of God’ in media and politics has been male (and mostly white) for forever. These men are given not just moral authority but the power to shape the national narrative. We’re watching that authority crumble as we learn how many have used their power to press for sex. ”

In her reply to the Twitter user, Reid tagged Bernie Sanders and said that the 2016 presidential candidate had “weird early writings” and was dismissive of women, “including his own wife.”

Jane Sanders then came to her husband’s defense on Twitter, saying she was “very happy” and “proud to be Bernie’s wife.”

“Your perception couldn’t be more wrong,” she tweeted. “Have you ever talked with him? You’ve never spoken w/me.”

In 2015, Mother Jones surfaced a copy of a salacious essay written by ……


Bernie Sanders’s Wife Slams MSNBC’s Joy Reid for Using Her to ‘Demean’ Husband

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