BEWARE The Latest Addition to Special Counsel Mueller’s Team

I’m going to sound like a broken record now but the Liberal left will do anything and everything they can to stack the deck against President Donald Trump and the GOP on the whole, and this latest move by Special Counsel Mueller’s team supports that thought.

Andrew Weissmann was added to Robert Mueller’s investigative team and is known for his long career of “convincing” witnesses to turn on their friends, colleagues, and even work-superiors.

Weissmann was once head of the Department of Justice’s criminal fraud section and may actually prove useful to Mueller with his particular skill set… whether or not the information he can obtain is truthful.

As Written By Jack Crowe for the Daily Caller:

Seasoned federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann was added to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team in May after a long career spent convincing witnesses to turn on their friends, colleagues and superiors.

Weissmann’s expertise, developed during his years heading the Department of Justice’s criminal fraud section, may prove useful to Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election progresses.

Weissmann demonstrated his penchant for convincing people to turn on their colleagues during his involvement in the massive Enron fraud investigation and a number of New York City organized crime prosecutions. This unique ability could potentially be put to use in securing the cooperation of Trump’s inner circle, many of whom have retained their own criminal defense attorneys.

Robert Ray, who succeeded Kenneth Starr as the independent counsel investigating former President Bill Clinton, told Reuters that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn may represent an opportunity for investigators, since the fired general has already offered to testify in exchange for immunity.

“It would seem to me the time is now to make some decisions about what you have and what leverage can be applied to get the things you don’t ……


Mueller Team Addition Turns Witnesses | The Daily Caller

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