Bill Koch, Billionaire Coal Man, Donates Heavily to John Boehner, Throws Bone to Allen West

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Last month, New Times introduced you to Bill Koch, the Palm Beach billionaire who owns a coal and gas company, is known for his voracious appetite for wine and women, and has two brothers famous for being the sugar daddies of the Tea Party.

While Bill Koch is not as politically influential as Charles and David Koch, he is a coal man, and he supports candidates who are good for his business. He’s on Mitt Romney’s Florida fundraising team and backs the GOP candidate partly because he objects to the Obama administration’s policies toward coal mining.

In addition to Boehner, another GOP candidate has recently benefited from Bill Koch’s generosity. In May, U.S. Rep. Allen West received $5,000 from Koch. That’s small potatoes compared to Koch’s other campaign donations, but according to records from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, it marks the first time Koch has donated to the Broward Tea Party candidate since West ran for Congress last year.


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