Bill O’Reilly Gets the Last Laugh

After he was wickedly canned by FOX news, Host Bill O’Reilly responded in the same calm manner that we have grown used to over the years. Speculation is now ripe as to what he will walk away from FOX in the way of remuneration. It is guessed to be in the Tens of Millions of dollars. I think I could keep my own sense of humor over that. Please pay me not to work anymore. Whether Bill has committed any heinous acts or not, that way this has been handled makes it nothing more than trial by public opinion. The attacks on Mr. O’reilly’s advertisers by George Soros funded groups tells you that this was a political hit job. Read more here.

As Written By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

According to CNN sources “personally involved” in the exit process for Bill O’Reilly, while the now former Fox News host will not receive the entirety of his remaining $100+ million contract, his payout will be “a staggering amount.”

CNN reported on Thursday that while neither 21st Century Fox nor O’Reilly’s representatives will even acknowledge that his contract includes a payout, “two well-placed sources” confirmed that “O’Reilly does have a parachute.”

That payout was reportedly established in a new contract O’Reilly and Fox News hammered out just a few weeks before the New York Times first reported on his sexual harassment settlements on April 1. CNN provides some details on the contract (formatting adjusted):

The two sources, who spoke independently of one another, said the new contract was worth about $25 million per year. (Previous news reports have pegged O’Reilly’s past contract at $18 to $20 million a year.) […]

The two sources also said the contract extended through the next presidential election, meaning it was set to expire either at the end of 2020 or sometime in 2021………..


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