Bill O’Reilly offers thanks to Kathy Griffin?!

Former FOX host Bill O’Reilly seems to have offered thanks to Kathy Griffin of the President Trump beheading scandal.  Kathy’s actions are already costing here dearly. She has had her ties with CNN and New Years dissolved. The Squatty Potty advertising gig is gone and some of her personal appearances have been canceled by the venues. Only the joke of a Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, has her six and will appear with her. So, why is O’Reilly thankful?

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We all may owe a tiny bit of gratitude to “comedienne” Kathy Griffin, who went all post-edgy this week and posed holding the severed head of the President of the United States. After being denounced from both right and left, the not-so-funny former funny-woman issued a groveling apology. “I went way too far,” she confessed. How amazingly perceptive!

So why would anyone want to thank this odious woman, who has a history of making crude and tasteless remarks? Well, Griffin may have finally shown that even hateful anti-Trump screeds have their limits.

Think about it for a moment: She actually believed this outrageous stunt would be well-received, probably that she would be praised for her courage.

And why wouldn’t she believe that?

Prior to this week, when Griffin set a new indoor world record in vulgarity, absolutely nothing was too offensive when it came to mocking the duly-elected president.

Stephen Colbert paid absolutely no price for implying that President Trump has sexual relations with Vladimir Putin. Did Colbert apologize? Heck, no. He was cheered on by many on the left for that gross remark. Other late-night hosts try to outdo one another when it comes to bashing the president, and of course Saturday Night Live has been profiting handsomely by slandering the president every week.

Many of these same folks, you’ll recall, considered President Barack Obama simply “too cool” to ridicule.

It’s not just comedians. Consider what’s been written and said just in recent days. MSNBC’s “conservative” Joe Scarborough described President Trump as a “thug,” an “idiot,” and “an “embarrassment to the United States.” The New York Times “conservative” columnist Ross Douthat compared the president to a “syphilitic emperor.” If there are no limits whatsoever in the mainstream media, why would Kathy Griffin expect anything less than…..


Bill O’Reilly: Column – Thank You, Kathy Griffin

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