Boehner’s Exit Paves The Way For Planned Parenthood+Ex/Im Funding

Speaker of the House John Boehner is calling it quits in October, but don’t expect the Ohio Congressman to leave without a fight.

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After a shocking caucus meeting this morning full of tears and sympathy for the departing Speaker, Boehner will now likely attempt to use the last of his remaining political capital to avoid a government shutdown.

That means contrary to the wishes of the House Freedom Caucus and other House Conservatives, Planned Parenthood would receive full funding.

The Planned Parenthood controversy has continued to rage after a series of videos exposing the outlet was released.

Ever since, the cries to defund the controversial group have grown louder and louder, undoubtedly a key reason Boehner has been in the hot seat more than ever lately.

Another hot topic in the halls of the House: the Import/Export Bank. One leading Dem says Boehner wants it passed.

“I think, in my discussions with the Speaker, that he believes that it ought to pass because I think he believes that it’s costing us jobs and economic opportunities,” said  Steny Hoyer.

Just like Planned Parenthood funding, Conservatives vehemently oppose funding the controversial Ex/Im Bank-they believe it is pretty much a corporate welfare check and not the proper purpose of government.

Where will Boehner go from here? Many believe the Speaker will take a prominent role in the Presidential campaign of Jeb Bush.



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