Bolton BLASTS Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative in Epic Fashion 

John Bolton is a former Ambassador to the United Nations and is highly qualified to address the questions of Russia interfering in our elections process. Interestingly, he sees that there are two parts to the question. One part of the investigation should be focused on the Russian effort to undermine the election process. The second part of Russian collusion with Trump he sees as a nothing burger because there is no evidence, repeat: no evidence. In this interview, he also discusses the real danger: Pakistan. Read it all below.

As Written by John Hayward for Breitbart: 

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton looked at Russia’s effort to undermine the 2016 U.S. presidential election on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam.

“To the United States in particular, it’s a mortal threat if our institutions are called into question, if our people lose faith in them. You can see the kind of backbiting that’s going on, back and forth. People have said, why would the Russians undertake cyberwar efforts that really tried to damage both sides? The answer is because anything that undercuts people’s faith in our basic institutions is a plus from their perspective,” Bolton said.

“I view this as an existential threat to the idea of America,” he stressed. “If our Constitution is impaired, we’re in trouble.”

“I think what you need to do over a period of time – it’s not going to be done in one bill, in any case – is build up structures of deterrence that say to Russia or any other country, ‘You are not going to interfere in our elections without bearing a substantial cost.’ Indeed, the cost should be seen as so high that they deter the adversary from interfering in the first place,” he advised.

“I don’t think we’ve imposed enough costs on Russia for what they’ve done,” Bolton judged. “I think we need to know more. Certainly those of us who are on the outside, we haven’t seen the classified information, so it’s hard to describe exactly what our counter-measures ought to be. But they should not be limited to the kinds of pinprick sanctions in this bill.”

Kassam asked Bolton to define Russia’s election interference, pointing to the counter-……..


Bolton on Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative: ‘For God’s Sake, Let’s Have Some Facts Here’ – Breitbart

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