Bolton says Chinese aggression is a real issue for the United States Navy

If former Ambassador John Bolton says the Chinese aggression is a real issue for the United States Navy to face, you can bet that things could get serious. The Chinese have been aggressively building themselves a Blue-Water Navy and designing hypersonic missiles to degraded our Navy’s ability to project power. Listen to the Ambassador talk about it in this interview.

As Written By John Hayward for Breitbart: 

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton discussed immigration reform, the New York City subway attack, and policy toward North Korea and China on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

Bolton said the White House is correct to emphasize “chain migration and the visa lottery” when discussing immigration reform.

“These are elements of our immigration policy – our legal immigration policy – which make no sense whatever, and now we see the danger that can come from it,” Bolton said. “I think we need to worry not just about illegal immigration. We need a fundamental reform of the legal immigration system as well. The president has proposed something along those lines.”

“This has nothing to do with being anti-immigrant,” he continued. “Personally, I favor more American citizens. China and India each have populations of 1.2 billion. We have a population of slightly over 300 million, so a few more Americans would be a good thing – but we need to do it in a way that maximizes the benefit to the country, and then once the immigrants get here, they go through a process of Americanization.”

“We used to call it the melting pot. That’s unfashionable now because of multiculturalism. But I honestly believe that America’s strength over the years has been through our essentially unique process of turning immigrants into Americans. That’s something we ……….


Bolton: Chinese Aggression Real Challenge for U.S. Navy After ‘Eight Years of Savage Obama Budget Cuts’

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