BOOM! Steve Bannon Tells Hillary Clinton EXACTLY ‘What Happened’ [Video]

Steve Bannon, the Champion of president Donald Trump, was very pointed in his response to the title of Hillary Clinton’s book. What Happened is the title and Mr. Bannon tells her exactly what happened. It is not clear if Hillary meant the title of her book to be read as a question or as a statement. In either manner, Steve has the answer.

You may well tend to agree that Hillary got her butt kicked, but Mr. Bannon has a much more colorful statement. You will enjoy reading it. All this took place as he was speaking to The Citadel Republican Society’s 2017 Patriot Dinner and talking about the Trump campaign itself.

As Written By Ian Mason for Breitbart: 

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon addressed The Citadel Republican Society’s 2017 Patriot Dinner, regaling the crowd at the storied Charleston, South Carolina, military academy with tales of the 2016 Trump campaign, of which he was CEO.

“Ma’am, with all due respect, what happened is that you got your ass kicked,” Bannon told the diners, mocking What Happened, Hillary’s heavily-promoted, 900-page tome on her unexpected defeat after nearly four years of anointment as the next President of the United States, in which she blames nearly everything but her own weakness as a candidate.

The remark came after a spirited recollection of the play-by-play of the roller-coaster election night that saw an ordained victory for Hillary Clinton transmute into the Trump triumph Bannon claimed to know was a “100 percent metaphysical certainty.”

Bannon explained the development of the Trump coalition that, in his words, “won the single greatest come-from-behind victory in American political history.

“I’m a populist and I’m an economic nationalist and I’m proud of it,” he remembers telling ……


‘What Happened? Ma’am…You Got Your Ass Kicked!’ Bannon Lambasts Clinton at The Citadel – Breitbart

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