BOOM: What Allen West just said! #BarackObama

by Allen West

“Our president is in a hurry to run off to a Democrat fundraiser in Rhode Island, so he came out & once again, read some prepared blather. Ok, 2Q GDP numbers were revised again, big deal, they’re always revised upward in this administration. However, Americans are still losing their jobs, gas prices are high, wages are depressed, and food commodity prices remain high — how many Americans won’t be able to afford a nice steak to grill over Labor Day? Obama refuses to take action against ISIS, he wants partners, coalitions, friends, anybody he can blame if it goes bad. Actually, it provides him cover for not taking any action until others come to lead — then he’ll follow. A week ago, ISIS beheaded an America and over the past 2 1/2 weeks we’ve conducted a little over 100 airstrikes, since Aug 8, that’s about 5-6 strikes a day — not exactly a dedicated air campaign. And to state that Russia is as isolated as ever since the end of the Cold War? We are in a new Cold War and Obama’s declaration does nothing to stop Russian tanks rolling into a sovereign state. I’m not advocating America run all over the globe playing Superman — but then again, if we were Superman, chances are we wouldn’t have to run around, because we’d have peace through strength. Fear and respect go a lot farther than being liked. Just another wasted opportunity for Obama to demonstrate he has no strategy and plan. Events are overcoming him and illustrating his disinterest in leading. Ok Mr. President, you checked the box, you may go now.”



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