Border Patrol Agents Who Object to Obama Amnesty Told to do THIS?

The Washington Times, Stephan Dinan has laid out what is happening to border patrol agents that do not agree with President Obama’s new amnesty rules. According to the report, they must obey their superiors or else. Read the rest of the article below.

Gerald L. Nino, CBP, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security -
Gerald L. Nino, CBP, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

As Written By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times:

Customs and Border Protection Commission R. Gil Kerlikowske told Border Patrol agents who object to President Obama’s amnesty policies that it’s time to “look for another job,” saying Tuesday that agents have to follow the orders of their superiors.

Mr. Kerlikowske was objecting to testimony last month from the Border Patrol labor union chief, who said under Mr. Obama agents have been told to restore the discredited “catch-and-release” policy from a decade ago.

The commissioner disputed that, saying every illegal immigrant over the age of 14 who is encountered by agents is supposed to be fingerprinted, interviewed and put through the usual process, including being turned over to Immigration and Customs enforcement for decisions on deportation.


Top border chief to agents who object to Obama amnesty: ‘Look for another job’ – Washington Times

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