Border Wall Contracts Being Delayed By Who? You have to see it to believe it.

How do you delay the construction of the border wall if you are opposed to President Donald Trump’s policies? It turns out to be very easy for the losing bidder, the Texas-based Penna Group company. CEO Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga is protesting a contract award and this forces the Government Accounting Office to do a review. What is the CEO’s stated goal. You have to read it to believe it.

As Written By Neil Munro for Breitbart: 

The contract awards for the construction of new border wall have been delayed until October by a contractor who has publicly opposed President Donald Trump’s immigration reforms.

Planned contract awards to build six to eight sets of prototype walls were protested by a losing bidder, the Texas-based Penna Group company. The protest is being adjudicated by the Government Accountability Office, with a resolution deadline of October 4.

“Such protests are common in Federal contracting processes and no contracts may be awarded until the protests are resolved,” the DHS’s United States Customs and Border Protection agency told Breitbart News. The agency continued:

By statute, GAO is required to issue a decision on a protest within 100 days of filing.  CBP expects GAO’s decision on these protests in early October 2017, which would delay construction to late October or early November, which is beyond our original summer 2017 timeline. CBP could resume contract consideration if the protest is resolved sooner.

CBP is updating the expected timeline of contract award and construction to allow for immediate resumption of the acquisition process based on GAO’s decision.  CBP will continue to take steps to implement the President’s Executive Order on Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements (EO 13767) to ensure operational control of the border.

The protest was filed by executives at the Penna Group group, based in Texas. The company did not respond to Breitbart News.

Congress has appropriated funds for the construction of 46 miles of barriers in 2017. The money can also be used in 2018, so the contract dispute delay won’t stop the planned construction. The House has approved another $1.6 billion in 2018. If matched by the Senate, those funds will add another 62 miles of border wall, and help prepare for additional construction.

 During the last several months, the company’s CEO has ridiculed Trump’s immigration …..


Border Wall Contracts Delayed By Pro-Migration CEO – Breitbart

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