BRAC: Talk of closing bases will send out waves of anxiety to military communities

The Base Realignment and Closure process is an exercise by the federal government to determine the best use of its military installations. This includes both the closure and realignment of assets in an effort to increase efficiency within the Defense Department. – (Federal News Radio)

Military Times Report

The spending caps, authorized by Congress in 2011, have been on hold the last two years, thanks to a short-term budget deal lawmakers reached in late 2013. But sequestration will take effect again this fall unless Congress passes a similar deal or a permanent fix.

If sequestration does resume, the law sets the defense spending cap at $523 billion, below both White House plans and congressional preferences for fiscal 2016. Military leaders repeatedly have stated that the capped spending total would harm national defense, both in terms of money for readiness and modernization.

Several House and Senate Republicans — including Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., chairman of the House Budget Committee — have discussed the possibility of unlinking the defense and nondefense spending cuts, possibly allowing military spending to rise while other agencies remain bound by sequestration caps.

Democrats have long opposed that idea, as well as similar plans to cut deeper into nondefense spending to pay for a bigger military budget.

Sanders said he is confident any such effort would fail.


Stars and Stripes Reported 3/11/15:

WASHINGTON — A Senate panel on Wednesday said it will not back the Defense Department on another round of military base closures, despite warnings that excess properties will squeeze budgets and could hurt readiness in the future.

Members of a Senate Armed Services subcommittee were urged by defense officials to allow the closures but said an earlier round in 2005 did not save as much as promised and was a difficult experience for military communities across the country.

Further went on to read:

“We are facing critical decisions that will impact our capabilities for the next decade,” said Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of Army installations, energy and environment. “Without savings from a BRAC round, the risk is our installations will experience larger cuts than what would otherwise occur.”


Talk of closing bases will send out waves of anxiety to military communities.


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