WHOA! Brand New Wiretap Report: CNN’s Ongoing Cover-Up Of Obama’s Trump-Spying

CNN has discovered that you cannot have it both ways when it comes to wiretapping, spying, and collusion with the Russians. All these things that they have tried to hang on the Trump administration have pointed directly back to them and the Obama administration. They fought against wiretapping but also reported transcripts. How is that possible? It is embarrassing if you have a conscience. 

As Written By John Nolte for the Daily Wire:

CNN is deeply invested in a Massive Lie, the lie that the Obama administration did not spy on President Trump’s campaign or transition team. The reason we know this is a lie, is simple: as we have documented previously, almost all of the national media, including CNN, were not only well aware of Obama’s spying, but going all the way back to January, the media openly delighted in this fact.

At the time, though, the media believed these surveillance stories, including one about outright “wiretapping” (a word used by the New York Times on January 19), were helpful in pushing their now-debunked narrative about Team Trump colluding with Russia.

The MSM’s evidence-free Russian scandal began to fall apart beginning on March 4, when Trump fired off a series of tweets spotlighting what the media already knew and had publicly reported on — that Obama had spied on him and his team.

It was a brilliant piece of turnabout on Trump’s part, so brilliant in fact that the media was forced to immediately disavow (without retracting) their very own reporting, disavow more than a dozen of their own stories that clearly told us the Obama administration had engaged in a chilling abuse of……


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