Obama calls for nixing NSA phone-snooping program under Patriot Act


President Obama called for a rewrite of the Patriot Act Tuesday, including nixing his NSA’s phone-snooping program, in a new statement of administration policy urging Congress to adopt reforms that would end warrant-less bulk collection powers.

The policy statement, from the White House Office of Management and Budget, puts Mr. Obama on record in favor of changes ahead of a June 1 deadline when a key part of the Patriot Act is set to expire.

Mr. Obama is backing the USA Freedom Act, which is poised for a House vote later this week, calling it a good balance.

“The bill strengthens … privacy and civil liberties protections, while preserving essential authorities our intelligence and law enforcement professionals need to protect the nation,” the administration statement said.

Mr. Obama’s backing adds heft to the USA Freedom Act, and further isolates Senate Republican leaders who are pushing for a continuation of all Patriot Act powers, including the ability for bulk collection of data without a warrant.


Obama supports Patriot Act changes to nix NSA phone-snooping program – Washington Times

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