President Trump Breaks CNN

It was a cold day in Hell, but CNN was not there because they were complimenting President Trump. Yes, CNN was actually praising what the President has accomplished. It may have been begrudgingly given, but it was truthful.

It seems that CNN is surprised that the President has done such a good job of keeping his promises. They see that as forging a strong link between them and the president. In this article, they even go so far as to list 7 promises that he has already kept. Yep. That was actually presented on CNN.

As Written By Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump earned a rare moment of praise from CNN on Thursday for following through on his campaign promises – a rarity amongst politicians in Washington D.C.

CNN, who gave Trump 93 percent negative coverage during the beginning months of his presidency, argued that Trump’s “unbreakable bond” with those who voted for him comes from the fact that he worked hard to deliver on his promises.

An analysis by CNN, titled “Donald Trump — keeper of promises,” concluded:

A politician who actually does what he told voters he would do seems almost unfathomable in Washington, a town of broken promises. For Donald Trump, being a president who delivers is especially crucial, since it’s one of the golden keys to his so far unbreakable bond with supporters.

It was just the latest instance of the President obstinately honoring the bumper-sticker vows he made to his ultra-loyal supporters — even those that horrify the political and foreign policy establishment, media critics and allied leaders.

CNN noted that while Trump has made a strong effort to be different from other politicians by following through on his promises, he still has many that he……


TRUMP BREAKS CNN: Network Admits President Is ‘Keeper Of Promises’ | Daily Wire

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