BREAKING: US Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian naval vessel 

The US Navy patrol boat Thunderbolt, home ported in Bahrain, was forced to fire warning shots at a high-speed Iranian vessel as it approached. This was a night encounter and the Iranian craft ignored radio warnings and flares as it approached the US ships conducting an exercise. Iran continues to push the envelope with the number of multiple unprofessional encounters being higher than last year’s totals.

As Written By Julian Robinson for the Daily Mail:

A US Navy patrol boat has fired warning shots towards an Iranian naval ship after it came within 150 yards during a tense encounter in the Persian Gulf, it has emerged.

The incident happened at 3am local time today and involved the USS Thunderbolt, a Cyclone-class ship involved in an exercise with American and other vessels in the area.

A US defense official said the Iranian Revolutionary Guard ship came within 150 yards of the Thunderbolt and did not respond to radio calls, flares or warning sirens, forcing U.S. sailors to fire warning shots.

‘The IRGCN boat was coming in at a high rate of speed. It did not respond to any signals, they did not respond to any bridge-to-bridge calls, they felt there was no choice except to fire the warning shots,’ the defense official told AFP on condition of anonymity…….


US Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian naval vessel | Daily Mail Online


Image Credit:: Seen here in both Coast Guard and Navy markings. U.S. Coast Guard photo by David Schuffholz (wikipedia)

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