Breitbart Gets Facebook ‘Fake News” Warning for Sharing Factual News

You know that things are in the toilet when you get a Facebook warning for just stating the facts. Breitbart just got a Facebook warning for doing just that. This is not a free speech issue so much as it is an unbelievable attempt to deny a fact of history. Now they want to dictate what you can and should write! If it does not fit the Facebook liberal narrative, you can and will be penalized. Should Facebook get regulated like a utility after something like this?


As Written By Andrew West for the Constitution: 

As though Facebook’s overreach into the media world couldn’t get any more Orwellian, the social media platform is now dictating how news stories are written.

Mark Zuckerberg, the perpetually-hoodied CEO of the world’s most popular website, has long made it very clear that he does not approve of American traditional values.  His war on U.S. conservatives has been raging for years, with a number of terrifying bouts of censorship to show for it.

First, he came for our news stories’ popularity by arbitrarily instructing his staff to remove conservative news sites from the Trending Topics section of the site, no matter their rightful place as some of the most shared stories on the site.

Then, he began allowing individual users to flag shared posts as “fake news”; possibly the most egregious piece of journalistic undermining in modern history.

Now, on top of all of his other sins against the free press, Zuckerberg’s goons are now telling media outlets whether or not they included enough information in their articles, regardless of whether or not those published articles are completely and unequivocally factual to begin with.

“Facebook warned Breitbart News on Friday that the author of a completely factual story concerning the accuser of Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore needed to consult ‘additional reporting’ from the liberal fact-checker Politifact.

“The story, published on Friday morning, detailed how Beverly Young Nelson, who accused Roy Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager, admitted to adding ‘notes’ to part of her yearbook, which she claims……..


Breitbart Gets Facebook Warning Over COMPLETELY ACCURATE Story

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