Breitbarts Steve Bannon gets billionaire backing and prepares to go to war

The departure of Steve Bannon from President Trump’s White House staff proves an old adage: Be careful what you wish for. The foaming liberal left Democrats and those suffering from Trump Derangement have been screaming for his departure from Trump’s staff. They got that and a whole lot more. Steve has secured the backing that he needs and intends to go into an all out war with the left. He will have the finances as well. The benefactor is said to be the Mercer family.  Wikipedia has this about Robert Mercer:

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Robert Leroy Mercer (born July 11, 1946),[2] better known as Bob Mercer, is an American computer scientist, a developer in early artificial intelligence, and co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, a successful hedge fund.[3][2]

Mercer is a major donor to conservative political causes such as Breitbart News[4] Donald Trump‘s 2016 campaign for president,[5] and Brexit in the United Kingdom.[6] He is the principal benefactor of the Make America Number 1 Super PAC.[7]

Mr. Bannon is free to carry out his mission as he sees fit.

As Written By Jonathan Swan for Axios:

Steve Bannon’s next moves will be all about the billionaire Mercer family. I’m told Bannon, who visited New York this week, met with Bob Mercer and together they will be a well-funded force on the outside.
  • Bannon has felt liberated since it became clear he was being pushed out, according to friends. He’s told associates he has a “killing machine” in Breitbart News, and it’s possible he returns to lead their editorial operation.
  • A source familiar with Breitbart’s operations told me they would go “thermonuclear” against “globalists”that Bannon and his friends believe are ruining the Trump administration, and by extension, America.
  • Watch for Breitbart’s Washington Editor Matt Boyle to be a central figure in this war — which has already begun — against White House officials like HR McMaster, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn, and Jared and Ivanka.


Bannon, backed by billionaire, prepares to go to war – Axios

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