BRUTAL Analysis on the roles of mob rule, the police, and Obama

As Written by Abraham Miller for The Blaze:

John F. Kennedy never sought to become America’s first Catholic president. He sought to be America’s president. His Catholicism was incidental to his oath of office. If anything, he went out of his way in word and deed to reassure those for whom his Catholicism was an issue that their fears were misplaced.

In contrast, Barack Obama meant to become America’s first black president. If there were any doubts where Obama would take his presidency, the nation should have listened to the words of an angry Michelle Obama, who could find no pride in the nation that had saved the world from fascism, no pride that is until it nominated her husband for the presidency.

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates had a minor run-in with the Cambridge police that never needed to happen if Gates had displayed some of the common courtesy associated with being a citizen who had some respect for the police. Gates fashioned the encounter into a narrative of what black people daily experience in their dealings with the police. Obama recklessly threw the prestige of the presidency behind this minor incident to flush out Gate’s stereotypical characterization.

Most Americans were too enamored of having elected a black president to ask whether the president should have taken sides in this minor event, especially since the president did so before all the facts were not even known. Reconsidering his ill-conceived rush to judgment, Obama later admitted his misstep, but by then the damage was done.

Faced with convictions of Black Panthers intimidating white voters in Philadelphia, the Obama Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, had their sentences vacated. In Holder’s apparent reading of the law, only whites intimidating blacks from voting were liable for prosecution. Black Panthers doing the same thing were immunized by Holder’s understanding of the intent of the law.


Obama, the Police, and the Rise of the Racial Mob |


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