Bureaucrats actively sabotaging the President?

The bureaucrats are hard at work inside the Washington, DC beltway. Well known for its leaks of information, the present group of civil servants has been most uncivil in leaking selected information to a hostile media. Is it time for the civil service to be removed from the hands of Congress and placed back under the president as was originally designed. How about an overhaul.

As Written By Michael Patrick Leahy for Breitbart: 

Many of the 2.7 million bureaucrats employed by the federal government oppose President Donald Trump’s policies and are actively attempting to sabotage his agenda.

That sabotage comes in several forms, from secretly circulating emails among fellow ideologically committed members of the federal bureaucracy plotting strategy, to working behind the scenes with Democratic legislators to create out-of-the ordinary bureaucratic actions, to leaking confidential documents to the press.

Philip K. Howard, chairman of Common Good, “a nonpartisan reform coalition that believes individual responsibility, not rote bureaucracy, must be the organizing principle of government” is recommending President Trump beat these efforts to sabotage his agenda through an executive order to “replace the current system.”

Howard “argues that the civil service system, as currently structured, deprives the President of his executive power under Article II of the Constitution,” Common Good said in a statement released on Monday.

President Trump has already used executive orders to begin the implementation of the agenda which American voters supported in the November elections. While an executive order specifically aimed at the federal bureaucracy would be controversial, even Politico recognizes that many bureaucrats are actively seeking to undermine Trump’s political …


Bureaucrats Attempting to Sabotage Trump with Leaks – Breitbart

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