CA Progressives Make Demands After Alleged Voter Fraud in Democratic Party Election

It is a notable moment when a Democrat would notice voter fraud. It is part of the resistance party platform that voter fraud does not exist. Apparently, they have found some fraud in California. They have accused themselves of cheating on themselves. It all boil down to who gets to run the party machine in the Golden State. This will be a fun catfight to watch.

As Written By Guy Benson for Townhall:

Earlier this month, we highlighted a popcorn-worthy story of former DNC workers suing the Democratic Party — ostensible champions of the little guy — over sub-minimum wage salaries, and an alleged refusal to offer overtime pay. This story out of California may be even richer. You may have heard that the state party’s annual convention was marred by discord and vulgarity, with national DNC Chairman Tom “F-Bomb” Perez getting booed by delegates even before his terrible fundraising numbers came out.  One of the most controversial moments of the tumultuous meeting was the narrow election of an establishment Democrat to chair the state party, beating a Bernie-style left-winger.  The defeated candidate’s supporters were furious, insisting that the outcome was highly suspicious, if not outright fraudulent.  And one of their specific objections was absolutely delicious:

Supporters of the losing candidate in a bitterly disputed election to serve as chair of the California Democratic Party say they’ll begin a detailed audit of the votes on Tuesday. The move comes after protests, allegations of ballot stuffing and bitter disputes after votes at a weekend party convention. The unprecedented effort to examine the documentation of the disputed state party’s election results was announced by outgoing California Democratic Party chair John Burton at the close of a raucous state Democratic convention this weekend. Ellis, the former director of Emerge America, a women’s political organization, lost the election by a narrow margin of 62 votes out of 3,000 cast. Her loss immediately set off protests from hundreds of her backers, many of whom charged that there were irregularities that included allowing voters to cast proxy ballots without proper ID. Some Democratic insiders are already worried the dispute has potential to do long-term damage, creating a rift in the state party as it heads into crucial 2018 elections…

People voting in a close election “without proper ID”?  Perish the thought. Even California’s beleaguered Republican Party couldn’t whiff on……..


Tee Hee: California Progressives Allege Voter Fraud in Democratic Party Election, Demand Voter ID – Guy Benson

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