Cable news sends political analysts into the eye of the storm and here’s why that was a bad idea [Video]

It is beginning to appear that cable news is made up of a bunch of daredevils that are telling us to do as they tell us and not as they do. Have you noticed how many talking-head news commentators have now ventured out into the eye of the storm? We are not talking political storm. We are talking about Harvey and Irma. Why are they standing out in the wind and rain? Is this the new reality show? I hope not. It Is tiresome.

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

Like many of you, I’m sure, I spent a fair amount of time yesterday flipping back and forth between various cable news channels watching the developments in Florida as Hurricane Irma came ashore. The storm wound up weakening considerably in the final hours and, while still bad, the damage was probably less than it might have been if Irma had performed as advertised. But as I watched the coverage of these events I was somewhat surprised at some of the faces I was seeing doing live standups in the midst of the wind and driving rain.

On MSNBC I saw both Chris Hayes and Thomas Roberts on location. On CNN, even more surprisingly, there was morning anchor Chris Cuomo decked out in a poncho and holding a microphone wrapped up in a plastic bag. At times, the various reporters were wading through knee high flood waters and leaning into the heavy, gusting winds, doing exactly the sort of things they were telling everyone else not to do if they wanted to survive Mother Nature’s fury.

The New York Times had a story up last night asking the same question I had. Why? Why are these people who generally spend all of their time talking about how awful Donald Trump is and how wonderful liberal policies are, standing out there in the middle of Irma, apparently on the verge of being blown into the sea?

Early Sunday morning, Bill Weir, a veteran CNN correspondent, was talking to the anchor Chris Cuomo in the middle of a live shot in Key Largo, Fla. He could barely stand up straight in the lashing winds of Hurricane Irma. At one point, he was nearly blown over by a gust.

As video of the incident spread on social media, criticism mounted. “Why do these news networks feel the need to put these reporters out there?” read one tweet. Another said: “This is not safe. Lead by …….


Cable news sends political analysts into the eye of the storm – Hot Air Hot Air

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