Cain: What REALLY Needs to Happen With The Clinton Foundation

The measure of the good of the Clinton Foundation is easy to measure. It is very simple. How much in contributions did it collect? How much did the Foundation spend for overhead? How much was actually used to help those in need? Out of $500 Million, how much actually went to where the rubber meets the road? Would you believe 15%?  How about 6.4%?  Herman Cain lays it all out here for you. Is this how you leave the White House “Dead Broke” and now have a net worth over $100 million dollars? Of course that amount is speculative and is probably way higher.  

As Written By Herman Cain for Cain TV:

Free up the money to go to charities who actually do what they say they do.

Whenever the Clintons find their corruption exposed, you can always count on their cronies taking to the nation’s talk shows and making, er, creative arguments in their defense.

That has never been more true than this past week, when we learned that Hillary’s State Department basically operated as the shakedown wing of the Clinton Foundation. More than half of all the non-governmental parties who got meetings with Hillary during her time at State were major Clinton Foundation donors, and e-mails released by Judicial Watch demonstrated how the Clinton Foundation’s Doug Band operated in concert with Hillary crony Huma Abedin at State to make sure Foundation donors were taken care of by the government.

In short, the Clinton Foundation is a gigantic cash-grabbing racket disguised as a charity. The more we learn about it, the more honest people clamor for the Foundation to be shut down. That, as you might expect, has inspired a novel response from the professional dissemblers of ClintonWorld: The Clinton Foundation helps the world’s poor! If you want to shut it down, you must want to hurt the poor!

That’s a classic Democrat argument if there ever was one. If you want to get rid of our corrupt, ineffective, money-sucking program, you must hate the poor, minorities, women, the sick, or whoever. They usually offer it in defense of wasteful government …..

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