Can the Judiciary and Federal Government be restrained?

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth! ~ Ronald Reagan

President Reagan was right. Now the real question, is it possible to restrain the Federal Judiciary and/or downsize the Federal Government? Read the article below.


As Written By By Dennis Sevakis, American Thinker:

Is It Possible to Restrain the Federal Judiciary or Downsize the Federal Government?

When one man, Justice Anthony Kennedy, acting as the deciding swing vote on the Supreme Court, declared that “gay marriage” was now the law of land for a country of some 320 million persons, he may as well have been seated on a planet other than the one originally occupied by the men who wrote the Constitution. Note that the new nation was titled “United” and not “Uniform” States of America. That wasn’t a slip of the pen. America was never intended to be culturally and politically homogenous from sea to shining sea, though we hadn’t quite gotten there as yet. But here we are today, rolled flat by the wheels of the federal Juggernaut with nary a peep of protest by our local, state and federal representatives or executives.

Therein does lie the basic distinction between Conservatism and Originalism. Conservatism relates to one’s position regarding an issue, originalism to the manner or by what means that decision is made. Yes, if Kennedy had decided against gay marriage, his decision would have been considered conservative and momentarily satisfied those with a conventional view of marriage. However, one should not think that this would have ended the matter since the gay political activists would certainly have redoubled their efforts to impose their preference upon those opposed. And so, political factions, regardless of the issue, may often end up chasing each other’s tails in never-ending pursuit when the decision mechanics appear substantively unfair to one or both sides of a political difference of opinion. Employing the courts to make and enforce cultural or moral decisions is one way of ensuring societal discord. It didn’t work with court-ordered busing that was intended to achieve racial integration of public schools. It still hasn’t settled the abortion-on-demand issue. And it certainly won’t peacefully and permanently institutionalize gay marriage no matter what Justice Kennedy or anyone else thinks.


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