Carpetbaggers Descend on Georgia

In an effort to embarrass President Trump and the GOP, the Obama team has pulled out all the stops in the battle for the Republican seat vacated by Tom Price. Democrat Jon Ossoff is trying to get the 50% plus in the primary to avoid a runoff. The Republicans have about 3 candidates in the field so the effort is currently divided. They will need to runoff to prevail against Ossoff.

As Written by Daniel Chaitlin for the Washington Examiner:

A member of former President Barack Obama’s Cabinet, Julian Castro, is rallying support for Jon Ossoff the leading Democratic candidate in the special election to take the Georgia congressional seat vacated by Republican Tom Price when he became Health and Human Services secretary.

Castro, who served as Obama’s secretary of the House and Urban Development Department, met with supporters at Ossoff’s office. Pictures of the event were posted online Saturday.




Team Obama gets involved in Georgia special election

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