Carson TRIPLES DOWN “U.S. Should Never Have A Theocracy”

Conservative Presidential hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson: US ‘Should Never Have a Theocracy’

Carson says the United States should never have a theocracy in response to his recent anti-Muslim remarks on television. (Sept. 22)

As Reported By Newsmax:

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson slammed the media and pundits who’ve been critical of him over ‘theoretical’ comments he made about supporting a hypothetical Muslim president.

“When the situation arises, and we have someone in that situation, we’ll talk about it. Why get off into a theoretical situation? There’s so many important issues. Why is it people are not interested in the important issues that are going on?” he said during a Tuesday press conference in Ohio. He mentioned the refugee situation in Syria and the problems going on with the American educational system as examples.

Carson doubled down saying any president of any faith has to place the Constitution above personal religious beliefs.

“They must place it above their personal beliefs,” Carson said during an appearance in Sharonville, Ohio. “If you’re not willing to do that, you should not be running for president.”

But Carson said he does see a way to support a more moderate Muslim for office, complaining that his comments were misunderstood and that “it seems hard for people to actually hear English and understand it.”

“I said I would support anyone regardless of their background, if in fact, they embrace American values and our Constitution, and are willing to place that above their beliefs,” Carson told the press conference, held before his scheduled rally. (Read more here)

Ben Carson Bites Back At The Media over muslim comments

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