Allen West: What Does it Mean to Be a Republican? 

Like many of us, former Congressman from the State of Florida, Allen B. West, is wondering what it really means to be a Republican. It is easy to tell what a liberal progressive socialist Democrat wants, they are trying to transform America. Our Republican politicians, on the other hand, are a lot more difficut to […]

Allen West: A Nation in Need of Ritalin

As I sit back, examine and assess our American culture, I see a real need for this nation to get a dose of Ritalin. Hypothetically speaking, but hear me out.

Allen West “Take it from a combat vet, what Trump JUST did is masterful”

Donald Trump has just pulled off a great military styled maneuver called a ‘turning movement.’ In warfare this is a tactic of making the enemy turn and accept engagement in a direction he was not prepared for. Mr. Trump has done this on the political stage, right in front of everyone’s eyes. Now the GOP […]

Allen West “Who Do We Value in America?”

Allen West believes that there should be no reason that a serving member of the United States Armed Forces should ever be forced to live at a poverty level. Having to depend on food stamps to feed your family is something that Congress and the Pentagon could and should fix. What are the causes for […]

Allen West: Blue Pill? Red Pill? The Matrix of Progressive Socialism

Have you ever seen the movie The Matrix? It is not necessary for understanding that you have seen it. This article stands alone in describing the simile between the Blue Pill and the Red Pill and how they relate to progressive socialism and conservatism. Some of you are aware of where this is headed. It […]

Allen West “We MUST Answer THIS Call Now!”

How much is too much? How much is too little? What is really necessary for the common defense? When you start to look at the real numbers of Federal spending, it is apparent what has priority and what does not with the current administration and with Congress. Social programs buy votes. Military programs should be the Federal governments […]

An Unpredictable Election and the Challenge for America

We are less than a week from the first electoral contest of the 2016 presidential cycle. As Written By Allen West for Townhall: The preseason is over and there is a word that describes what America has seen to this point, and may I borrow from Mr. Spock, “fascinating.” When this cycle kicked off last […]

Allen West: SOTU, Now The Bad News

President Obamas final State of the Union address was 59 minutes in length and brilliantly delivered. Now, the bad news. As Written By Allen B. West for Townhall: Now, the bad news. My technique is to not watch Obama speak but rather read the speech or have it on in the background and focus on […]

An American Agenda vs a Liberal Progressive Ideological Agenda 

We are drawing to the end of 2015, and as we enter 2016 it is the final year of President Barack Obamas presidential tenure. As Written By Allen West for Townhall: The question then becomes simple, are we better off than we were and a year from now, will we be better off? Recently President […]

Allen West “The Omnibus, detrimental backward policies and reckless spending!”

When digging yourself deeper into a hole, the best course of action is to stop digging. As Written By Allen West and Co-Authored By NCPA Legislative Director Brian Williams for Townhall: That’s good advice for one and all. Back in January, the Congressional leadership promised to stop digging, so to speak. They promised to bring “regular […]

Allen West “What America Is Lacking This Presidential Election Cycle”

I found a definition of Yin and Yang to be, “In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (also, yin-yang or yin yang) describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.”   As Written By […]

French Interior Minister calls for Mosques to be SHUT DOWN! 

The French Interior Minister said that more Mosques will have to be shut down in the wake of the awful terror strike. H/T The Right Scoop, Reported By Huffington Post: The interior minister of France has called for the dissolution of “mosques where hate is preached” following a string of attacks that left at least […]

“It’s déjà vu all over again” – The Dark Specter of Vietnam

This past week President Obama stated that he would be deploying fifty US Special Operations troops to Syria. As Written By Allen B. West for Townhall: This appears to be a reaction; a response to the events that have dictated to the Commander-in-Chief what he must do. After the recent Taliban attack, brief seizure of […]

Who are the REAL Palestinians?

The violence we are witnessing in the Middle East is horrific. Who would have thought in the 21st century we would have beheadings, crucifixions, rapes of women and girls, and the selling of women into slavery. Not to mention ancient historical artifacts destroyed along with ancient civilizations being driven from their ancestral homes. As Written […]

Allen West: In A time of Sheep and Wolves …..

This past Sunday night I decided to watch some war movies, first The Thin Red Line and after that it was American Sniper. One of my favorite lines in the movie American Sniper is the dinner scene when Daddy Kyle explains that there are three types of people sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. The statement surrounded a […]

Allen West “Obama’s Foreign Policy Vacuum”

The intended purpose for vacuums is to clean, pick up dirt that we cannot often see with the naked eye … But when it comes to foreign policy there is another type of vacuum. Written By Allen B. West For Townhall: As I write this missive, it is Monday morning and I am in New […]

Allen West: The Fallacy of the Participation Trophy 

by Allen West for Townhall: I was in Pittsburgh last week to speak and was bunked down at the historic Duquesne Club downtown. Thursday morning I awoke for a morning run and headed to the riverfront trail. I headed past the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who the evening prior had defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks, […]