@AllenWest Joined @SteveMTalk Show | Putin a ‘Judo Master’

By Bill Hoffmann for Newsmax Former Congressman Allen West of Florida says Russian President Vladimir Putin used the ideology behind martial arts and his days as a spy to outmaneuver President Barack Obama on Syria. “Putin is a judo master and if you understand what judo is, it’s to take the perceived strength and the […]

@AllenWest “We now see what a second term of Jimmy Carter would have looked like”

by Allen West via Facebook The Chinese have a proverb: “may you live in interesting times.” Well, my fellow countrymen and women, ponder these events of the last 48 hours. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times where he chastises America regarding following international law, the use of brute force, and downplaying […]

@AllenWest “I find his words utterly disgusting”

by Allen West via Facebook President Obama stated at the end of his 16 minute speech, “terrible things happen across the globe….we should act, that’s what makes America exceptional.” I find his words utterly disgusting because tomorrow we will remember four Americans who were abandoned by President Obama to die in Libya. I found no […]

Allen West “There can be no “coexistence” and reconciliation with this band of violent jihadists who seek worldwide Islamic domination under sharia law.”

by Allen West via Facebook Last year after the 9-11 terror attack in Benghazi, President Obama, vociferously condemned a video of Muhammad during a speech at the UN. Now we hear little to nothing from the President specifically condemning the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their savage and cowardly attacks against the Coptic Christans – […]