SHAMEFUL: We can thank Obama for what just happened in Israel [Video]

Palestinians Stab Israelis in Two Attacks; PM Calls in Security Chiefs By Allen B. West Just last week, the head of the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, was allowed to speak before the UN General Assembly and have its flag raised at the United Nations. Abbas stated the Palestinian Authority was no longer […]

Israel Fights Back! IDF deploys Iron Dome After Rockets fired from Gaza

The system was deployed after rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, and in the shadow of the growing tensions in Jerusalem. As Reported By The Jerusalem Post: The IDF deployed Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries in the southern cities of Sderot and Netivot on Sunday, two days after a Gazan rocket fired […]

U.S. and Israel Issue Warning to Russia [Video]

U.S. and Israel Issue Warning to Russia:   Israel has added its voice to a growing chorus of concern over a reported Russian military buildup in Syria in support of the beleaguered regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Speaking to reporters, Moshe Ya’alon, the Israeli defense minister, echoed claims by western sources that Moscow has in […]

The Latest Leftist Liberal Lie On Iran Nuke Deal Is SHAMEFUL!

  It is not the signing of a pro-Iran support letter; its saying you are a rabbi to give weight to your signature that matters. In a post by Eric Golub for CommDigiNews: LOUISVILLE, August 24, 2015 — The Jewish community has been buzzing over the news that 340 rabbis recently signed a letter in […]

HISTORICAL FIRST! Saudi Arabia And Israel Allowed THIS To Happen Today!

AS REPORTED BY THE JERUSALEM POST : The arrival of jumbo jet with the logo “Saudia” to Ben-Gurion Airport overnight Tuesday generated a stir in the Israeli media on Wednesday after surprised airport workers spotted the plane. The plane in question, an Airbus A330-300 devoid of passengers, arrived from Brussels to Tel Aviv for routine […]

Israel Tells Iran “NO MORE!” Our Zero Tolerance Sign Is Lit!

VIA THE JERUSALEM POST: Iran is in the midst of an effort to arm Hezbollah and Hamas, and Israel will not tolerate the transfer of advanced weaponry to its enemies, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Sunday, a day after a report by Al Jazeera said the Israel Air Force struck Assad regime military bases […]

DENIED! Netanyahu said NOT THIS TIME Jimmy!

I24 NEWS REPORTED TODAY: Israeli leaders reject request from former US president on grounds of his ‘anti-Israel’ stance during Gaza war Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin rejected a request from former US President Jimmy Carter to meet with him during a planned trip to Israel, Haaretz reported Monday. A senior official […]

Putin THREATENS Israel!

As Reported by The Jerusalem Post and AP: Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Israel on Saturday against selling weapons to the pro-Western government in Kiev as retaliation for Moscow’s recently announced weapons deal with Iran. Speaking to official state media in Russia, Putin said that any such deals between Israel and Ukraine would be “counterproductive” […]

Drums of War? Former PM Barak’s Words To Netanyahu Are Unsettling

Reported by Jerusalem Post: In a column written for Time Magazine, the former prime minister urges Netanyahu to face Israel’s most daunting challenges. In a column written for Time magazine’s annual 100 most influential people in the world, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered his thoughts on Israel’s current leader Benjamin Netanyahu, whom he describes […]

Putin selling Iran MORE than a Missile

AS REPORTED BY THE DAILY BEAST: Israel isn’t the only country that will be threatened if S-300 missile systems arrive in Iran. The Saudis and Turks had better be worried as well. TBILISI, Georgia—As the Kremlin lifts its ban on the delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran, and as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claims […]

Look What Obama is doing to Israel for Post-Presidential Bragging Points

OP-ED BY ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS: And now, it turns out that Israel’s security, perhaps its very existence, will be jeopardized in order to give Barack Obama some post-presidential bragging points. It was recently revealed that the President intends to publicly endorse specific borders and other terms for a Palestinian state, which he hopes will go […]

A Preemptive Strike Being Planned by Israel?

As a small country, beleaguered on all sides, Israel has to constantly face and make choices that ensure the survival of the Jewish nation. When the threat level from hostile Arab nations exceeds a certain threshold, Israel has taken unilateral actions in the past. History has born out the necessity for those actions. Revealed here […]

Hackers hit Israeli websites after Anonymous threats

REPORTED BY AP: JERUSALEM (AP) — Pro-Palestinian hackers disrupted Israeli websites on Tuesday, following threats from the Anonymous hacking collective that it would carry out an “electronic Holocaust,” though Israeli cyber experts said the coordinated attacks caused little damage. The hacking campaign, which has taken place every April 7 since 2013, is meant to be […]

Report “Egypt is Preparing for War with Israel”

If Hashad is to be believed, what he witnessed is being written here. AS REPORTED BY ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS: Noha Hashad, pro-Israeli nuclear scientist who escaped Egypt after years of torture, says what’s happening in Sinai isn’t what we think. Noha Hashad (51), an Egyptian nuclear scientist who fled the Nile state in 2011 after her […]

Netanyahu: Iran Deal will allow nuclear breakouts within a year

Nuclear deal would reward Iran for Yemen ‘aggression’ Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned world powers on Monday that any nuclear deal they strike with Iran would be seen as a reward for Tehran’s alleged “aggression” in Yemen. As reported by Channel News Asia: JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on […]

WATCH: Netanyahu “Iran agreement confirms all our concerns and WORSE than we feared”

As reported by The Blaze: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the emerging agreement being negotiated over Iran’s nuclear program confirmed all of Israel’s worst fears and warned that Iran was trying to “conquer the entire Middle East.” “This agreement as it appears confirms all of our concerns and even more so,” Netanyahu said at […]

Obama Admin Declassifies Top-Secret Doc on Israel

AS REPORTED BY BREITBART: The Pentagon has declassified a document that was once labeled “top-secret,” which goes into sophisticated detail about Israel’s nuclear weapons program. The document was released quietly just prior to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to a joint session of Congress. Israel has never officially confirmed or denied the […]

SERIOUSLY? MSNBC Mitchell To Netanyahu: ‘Why Should Obama Trust You?

Andrea Mitchell tried to bully Israeli Prime Minister, but he wasn’t having it! Mitchell’s array of badgering liberal questions and comments and not letting the Prime Minister answer her questions in their entirety, led Netanyahu to give his typical honest approach and answered them as quickly as she dished them out. Needless to say, Netanyahu […]

LIVE STREAM: Israel Election Coverage 2015 ~ i24 News

Israel Election Coverage 2015: Polls close at 4 p.m. EDT (10 p.m. Israeli time)  Watch the livestream below, via i24: by Mediate TV: Israelis went to the polls today to vote in a hotly contested election between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and left-wing challenger Yitzhak Herzog.

WATCH: Jon Voight’s POWERFUL MESSAGE in Support of Netanyahu!

JON VOIGHT CALLS IT LIKE HE SEE’S IT AND SAYS EXACTLY WHAT OBAMA IS DOING! STAND WITH ISRAEL, STAND WITH NETANYAHU via American Thinker: Jon Voight obviously believes passionately in the survival of Israel, and he is as deeply alarmed as I am at the prospect of Benjamin Netanyahu’s replacement after the election on Tuesday. […]

VOICE OF ISRAEL: Allen West ‘We Have to Make our Enemies Fear and Respect Us’

Allen West ‘We Have to Make our Enemies Fear and Respect Us’ Allen West shares his views on PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, US-Israel relations and how to handle the situation in the Middle East with VOI’s Daniel Seaman and Daniela Traub.   Allen West: ‘We Have to Make our Enemies Fear and Respect […]

Netanyahu receives support from an unlikely quarter – Saudi Arabia

As reported by the AP (UAE): DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fiery speech this week before the U.S. Congress, in which he argued against an emerging nuclear deal with Iran, has received tacit support from an unlikely quarter — Saudi Arabia. The oil-rich Sunni kingdom views Shiite Iran as […]

Obama and Netanyahu: More than bad personal chemistry and deep ideological divide!

The most consequential dispute between Obama and Netanyahu is on Iran. Make sure to read the entire story! As reported today by CNN:  Washington (CNN)The disconnect between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about a lot more than bad personal chemistry. Their relationship, which will be played out in all its […]

Report: Obama threatened to fire on Israeli jets attacking Iran

UPDATE 11:22AM ET – WHITE HOUSE DENIES – READ MORE HERE – THE BLAZE Original post begins here: Middle East news sources have been buzzing the last six hours over a report on Saturday from a Kuwaiti based news paper Al-Jarida made against President Barack Obama.  If this turns out to be true……. Ma’an News […]

Saudis might help Israel attack Iran …. for a price

As Reported by The Jerusalem Post and Reuters: In private talks with European sources, the Saudis have expressed their willingness to cooperate with Israel on Iran, including use of Saudi air space by the IDF for a possible air strike, according to a report by Channel 2. Cooperation with Saudi Arabia would not come free, […]

2 U.S Senate Democrats invite Netanyahu to CLOSED DOOR meeting during visit

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two senior U.S. Senate Democrats invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to a closed-door meeting with Democratic senators during his upcoming visit to Washington, warning that making U.S.-Israeli relations a partisan political issue could have “lasting repercussions.” Senators Richard Durbin and Dianne Feinstein extended the invitation “to maintain Israel’s dialogue […]