CIA-armed militias vs Pentagon-armed ones in Syria

The CIA and the Pentagon seem to be working at cross purposes in Syria. It appears to be very hard to pick out even two groups that will tolerate and cooperate with each other. The vision of a circular firing squad comes to mind. Does the CIA and Pentagon just wind up these militias and […]

Joe Biden finds authority in 2nd Amendment that no one ever has before

Vice President Joe Biden has his own interpretation of the Second Amendment. Somewhere within the 2nd Amendment he sees the government’s innate ability to confiscate your weapon. The text of the 2nd Amendment as ratified by the various States is:  “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to […]

2016 Republican National Convention Ramps Up Security Amid MULTIPLE Threats

The 2016 RNC (Republican National Convention) is facing unprecedented security issues. These threats come from all directions. There are the politically motivated protesters and rioters whose whole goal is to disrupt and shut down the GOP’s ability to chose a candidate. There are those who will take advantage of the situation and reduce protesting to the rioting and mayhem level. There is […]

FBI Answer to FOIA Request on Clinton Email Server

The FBI has responded to a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request by VICE news. While there are no real specifics on what the investigation has uncovered, there are some very interesting tidbits as the FBI explains it actions. Of particular interest to you will be who the investigation referral requests came from. It all […]

DHS Chief Jeh Johnson Has A Sad Job?

The DHS Chief, Jeh Johnson has a job that seems to make him sad. His elite position on illegal immigration fits right into the administration’s agenda perfectly. He does not see his job as finding all the illegal immigrants within our borders and expelling them from our borders. Secretary Johnson sees his primary task as integrating all […]

Obama Doubles Down on Refugee Promise [VIDEO]

President Obama is committed to keeping the refugee door wide open from those fleeing ISIS. His commitment for this year alone is 100,000. Most Americans believe that we are a place of refuge for the poor and down trodden. That very sign is on our front door. However, in the past there have always been controls that ensured that our nation […]

Belgian Nuclear Research Center Guard Murdered, Prelude to Attack?

A security guard for a nuclear research center is shot dead in his home two days after the Brussels bombings. It is an intelligence finding that an attack on nuclear power plant or a dirty bomb is in ISIS sights. But we are not supposed to read anything on to this event? Please, give us more information so we […]

Russia’s World Wide Military Build Up

Russia has stated plans for a military build up. The reasons for this are convoluted. Follow me on this. Russia decided to go adventurism in the Crimea, and when the United States, NATO, and others responded in kind, Russia now felt threatened. This latest announcement seems to portend a move like in the old Cold […]

Why Conservatives Should Make SCOTUS Pick An Elections Issue

Yes, the Supreme Court needs to be made an election issue. The reason is not that the winner gets to make the appointment to the open seat. Justice Scalia’s death has already caused it to be one election issue. The real reason it should be an issue has to do with the Court legislating from the […]

Terrorist Planned to Attack Nuclear Plants

The Brussels bombers seemed to have had their sights set upon more than just the four bombings that they carried out. Evidence is already coming to light of what they had planned to include in their attacks. The ramifications for all nuclear powered nations just became immense and frightening. Some intelligence analysts  are saying that as […]

Allen West: Provide for the Common Defense Now! Petition

Don’t let President Obama and Congress put our national security on the line. Sign the NCPA’s “Provide for the Common Defense Now!” Petition and take a stand for a strong, fiscally responsible national defense. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION Here are the five points of the petition as constructed by NCPA and Executive Director, Allen […]

Muslim Youth and Their Approval of Jihad

Youthful Muslims’approval for radical actions continues to increase. The percentages and overall numbers are becoming quite staggering. In Britain alone, the actual number of persons who would approve of the attack in Brussels would/could exceed three quarters of a million people. That is significant and is the product of accommodating immigrants and not requiring assimilation. Read all the data points in […]

What Did Iran Give Obama for $2 Billion?

$2 Billion sent by the State Department and it is a secret. Wait, there is more. State is engaged in more secret negotiations to pay them even more. There is a lot of speculation the the first payments were a ransom for hostage release. Indications are we are trying to settle more claims out of […]

Why Obama Decided ISIS is Genocidal, It’s Not What You Think

The whole world has been watching the ISIS terrorists commit genocide on Middle East. All this time the Obama administration has sat on its hands and not lifted them once in protest. Why did the administration decide that now was a good time? Russia has jumped on the issue as a reason to be there and gain influence […]

Emails Not An Election Issue Says DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton’s email and server are not an issue per Democrat National Convention Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. I guess that she has not been paying attention to current events. But living in denial is pretty common for the progressive left. Hit them with facts and they either change the subject or blame Bush. Well, Debbie, there are […]

Leavenworth 10 languish, GITMO detainees freed

The Leavenworth 10, for the most part, seem to be the victims of the “Rules of Engagement” that were imposed upon. Leadership that is highly focused on how the drive by media views their actions do not have the best interests of their troops at heart. A soldier wakes up every day intent on protecting his […]

China Accuses US of Militarizing the South China Sea

China muddies the water of the South China Sea issue. The best way to divert attention from your own behavior is to accuse others of the very same thing. In this case China accuses the United States of being the one to militarize the South China Sea. That is laughable at a minimum. China has […]

Cubans Rally in Little Havana

Cuban-Americans point to human rights violations in Cuba to no avail. They are holding rallies in Little Havana that are getting very little coverage. I guess it does not fit the progressive narrative. President Obama is in Cuba following his doctrine of engagement. He maintains that opening of discourse with the Cuban government will improve their behavior. Tell […]

Republican Convention Faces Growing Violence Potential

The Republican Convention seems to be facing an unprecedented array of protesters whose stated goal is to shut down their convention. Promises of demonstrations and riots are the normal talking points for these “activists.” There is also a total lack of concern or condemnation of these threats and verbal attacks by the drive by media. In fact, the media […]

Bernie Don’t Need No Stinkin’Wall

In a staged photo op and pandering moment, Bernie Sanders says that the United States border fence is not needed. Bernie claims that the issue is all “trumped up”, his words, not mine. He further asserts that all 11 Million illegal immigrants pose no threat and should be grated amnesty. In a definite Hakuna Matata! moment, Mr Sander’s worry-free philosophy […]

What is China up to in Australia?

China, in yet another move, seems to have gone another leg up on the United States. In the ongoing series of chess moves to gain total control of the South China Sea, China has used the inattention of United States and Australian authorities to lease a port in Northern Australia. The big deal is that […]

Marine Fire Base in Iraq? Since When?

We have a Marine fire base in Iraq. It is named Fire Base “Bell.” The Marines at the base are from an amphibious assault ship, the USS Kearsarge. We have had a Marine casualty there from ISIS artillery. That in itself is bad enough. However, the talking point is that it appears no announcement of the base had […]

Allen West “What a top Marine general just admitted makes me SO ANGRY” [VIDEO]

And this was said during open testimony. As Written By Allen B. West: From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli they’ve been called Leathernecks, earned when Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon and his Marines landed at Derna, Libya to fight the Barbary Pirates. They’ve been called Devil Dogs, earned during World War I during […]

Why is JLENS not being funded? Here’s Why It’s Important [VIDEO]

A billion dollars has been spent on the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor (JLENS). It has proven that it works and is highly desired ny the military to protect the whole Eastern seaboard. Why would you quit spending money on it? Well, Congress thinks it embarrassed itself when one broke a mooring. Now […]

Money, Missiles & GITMO: US Admirals speak to Senate [VIDEO]

When Admirals speak to the Senate, they normally cover a lot of subjects. In this article it ranges around the world. The staff at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba received high praise for its selfless work. Missile defense is getting more expensive, and that is expected. The world wide issues, ISIS, Russia, China, and North Korea are also covered. How is […]

SECDEF Budget Request Statements Are Reason For Concern [VIDEO]

Sequestration rhymes with castration. That is what seems to have happened to the Defense Department budget during the Obama administration. Red flags are up everywhere but National Defense is not getting the nod. The mind set in Washington seems to be that they are still cashing in on the Peace Dividend from the fall of the […]