Iran Threatens U.S. in Straits of Hormuz

Iran seems determined to be the bully on the block. The strategic Straits of Hormuz sees 35% of the world’s seaborne oil trade pass through their narrows. When Iran gets mad at the United States (a perpetual state of affairs) they threaten our Navy and the world’s oil shipping. On 18 April 1988, the U.S. Navy waged a one-day battle […]

US-made M1 Abrams tank being used by an Iranian-backed militia? [VIDEO]

A video has surfaced online that shows a US M1 Abrams tank in the possession of some not so trusted hands. How did they acquire it? Do they know how to use it? These type of tanks require specialized training, ammo and fuel. Most importantly, if they can figure out how to arm and use […]

US Navy Releases Video of ‘Provocative’ Iran Rocket Fire

The U.S. military released a video Saturday showing what it says is an Iranian military vessel firing several unguided rockets near the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman and other Western warships and commercial craft.   READ MORE AT US NAVY TIMES The U.S. Navy released a video in response to a Military Times FOIA request […]

[VIDEO] French Carrier Strikes Back Against ISIS!

France has launched its first missions against Islamic State (IS) militants from its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, military sources said.   AS REPORTED BY THE BBC: The newly-deployed carrier has 26 fighters, tripling French capacity. French President Francois Hollande has vowed to intensify strikes against IS in Syria and Iraq after the group said […]

UPDATE: Conflicting reports over fate of Marine helicopter missing in Nepal

FOX NEWS REPORTING: Watch the latest video at The U.S. Pacific Command told Fox News Wednesday that it could not confirm reports of possible sightings of a U.S. Marine helicopter that disappeared Tuesday while conducting disaster relief operations in Nepal. Nepali officials said the helicopter — carrying six Marines and two Nepali troops — […]

NORAD Commander: Russian bombers “messaging” U.S.

REUTERS REPORTS: (Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters) Russian Tu-95 bombers fly during a joint Kazakh-Russian military exercise at Otar military range, some 150km (93 miles) west of Almaty, October 3, 2008. Russia is using its long-range bomber fleet to “message” the US about Moscow’s international military capabilities, the US general in charge of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) […]

Allen West ” America is being redefined and fundamentally altered”

Friends, I pray everyone enjoyed a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. We enjoyed a special Thanksgivukkah at the home of our friends and at sundown, lit the Menorah candles, and gave blessings in Hebrew and English before we found delight in a delicious meal. Yes, we discussed the state of our […]

Allen West “We must stay focused and unified “

This week’s plummeting approval ratings are bad news for President Obama, but they signal bad news for America as well, because we’re stuck with him for three more years. As more and more information comes out about the disaster that is Obamacare, as well as lapses in national security that have allowed Islamist bomb makers […]

Allen West “Against All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic.” Newsletter 11/10/13

Friends, Today is the 238th birthday of the greatest and most lethal fighting force known to man, the United States Marine Corps. Tomorrow on Veteran’s Day, a grateful nation thanks those who have been willing to make the last full measure of devotion in service to our Republic. These are the men and women who have […]

Allen West Weekly Wrap Up Oct. 27, 2013 via

What an incredible inaugural week for It was certainly better than that for, and we want to thank you all for sharing your time with us. We’ll continue to provide you with concise assessments of critical issues affecting our economy, sports and culture, national security, and foreign policy. This week we’ve seen reversals from Democrats […]

Allen West | Weekly Wrap Up | Next Generation TV | Oct. 4, 2013

Stewardship And The Law A sermon that Washington needs to take to heart In this next phase of my life, I have lots more time to travel America and speak with great people. I began that trek this past weekend in Atlanta, where I addressed Dr. Michael Youssef’s 25th anniversary luncheon for his “Leading the […]

Allen West Weekly Wrap Up | via @Next_GenTV | Sept. 27, 2013

The Lesson Of Thermopylae America needs men with the courage to take a stand   I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., a lovely city in northern Palm Beach County. When I am home for the weekends, my Saturday and Sunday morning ritual is to get in my H3 Hummer, head over to Loggerhead Park and enjoy the breathtaking […]

@AllenWest Weekly Wrap Up | via @Next_GenTV | Sept. 20, 2013

The Irony Of Post-9/11 Security – The more the government adds, the less secure our military is Last Saturday I was the keynote speaker at the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Mo. It was a nice gathering, and the best part was that my young nephew, Capt. Herman Bernard West II, and his family, […]

@AllenWest Weekly Update | Next Generation TV | 9/13/13

Another Fine Obama Mess The president’s bumbling Syrian policy keeps getting worse. I have listened to countless experts, pundits and self-acclaimed strategists give their insights into the current Syrian episode, and some of these folks could not find their way out of an open-end paper bag. Unfortunately, many of them are part of the Obama […]

SPECIAL EDITION: Allen West Weekly Update 8/28/13 via @Next_GenTV

In Pursuit Of Martin Luther King’s Dream He imagined opportunity, but we’re creating dependency   Today marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. He delivered it five score years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, hence the decision to give it in Lincoln’s shadow at […]

Allen West | Weekly Update via @Next_GenTV | 8/23/13

The Indestructible Spirit Of America Finding hope in glimpses of the next generation Last week, I had the distinct pleasure and honor of addressing groups at the Ahavath Torah led by Rabbi Jon Hausman in Stoughton Mass., and at the annual GOP “Steak-Out” in Nashua, N.H. As a paratrooper, I always think it is fun […]

Allen West’s Weekly Wrap Up | via @Next_GenTV | 8/16/13

The Troubled American Ship Of State – The captain and crew have navigated us into a nightmare It is great to be back, as I was away for 10 days as an invited guest speaker on the National Review summer cruise. We embarked from Amsterdam and headed into the North Sea toward the epic scenery of […]

Allen West | Weekly Wrap Up on @Next_GenTV | 8/9/13

What Norway Teaches Us About America –  Allen West reflects on our principles and past while abroad Col. Allen West is still traveling this week as part of National Review’s annual cruise, but to keep his readers in the loop, he has been sending observations from his stops along the North Sea. Here are two […]

Allen West | Weekly Wrap Up on @Next_GenTV | 8/2/13

Sailing The Conservative Seas Allen West is away on the annual National Review cruise This week, Col. Allen West is sailing the North Sea with National Review. In between stops along Norway’s coast, West, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg and others are entertaining guests with panels, special “insider” sessions and possibly a card game or two. […]

Allen West Weekly Update | @Next_GenTV | July 26, 2013

Serene Reflections of America – Two men, soldiers and fathers, find perspective on the trail Last weekend my wife Angela and our daughters decided to take a trip to Jamaica to visit extended family. Of course when you have aunts, uncles and cousins in Jamaica, you are going to have a nice time because it is […]

Allen West’s Weekly Wrap up | @Next_GenTV | July 17, 2013

Real vs. Politically Manufactured Priorities – What is the legacy for the next generation in the black community? This week we have seen our nation become enthralled with last weekend’s news of George Zimmerman being found “not guilty” in the Trayvon Martin trial. There has been monumental media coverage of this case, trial, and now in […]

Allen West’s Weekly Update via Next Generation TV 7/12/13

Our Perplexing Hypocrisy – America celebrates liberty while embracing its enemies Last week on the Fourth of July, the 237th anniversary of our independence, I sat watching parts two and three of the HBO mini-series “John Adams.” As we know, or I hope you know, part two ended with the reading of Thomas Jefferson’s brilliant words […]

Allen West’s Weekly Wrap Up via @Next_GenTV “Its all an Embarrassment”

The embarrassment of Obama’s convictions – His failures are on painful display abroad and at home Five years ago, candidate Barack Obama pranced out with an arrogant swagger to take the stage before hundreds of thousands in Berlin. Last week, President Barack Obama, walked before a crowd of less than 5,000 Germans and, with feigned arrogance, […]

Allen West’s Weekly Wrap Up via @Next_GenTV 6/21/13

A Father’s Day To Remember At Antietam The battle that opened the door to my Army career This past Sunday was Father’s Day, and I pray all you Dads had a wonderful day being honored and cherished by your children and grandchildren. My daughters Aubrey and Austen are finishing a three-week trip to Beijing after returning with […]

Allen West Weekly Wrap Up via Next Generation TV 6/7/13

When ‘Freedom’s Flame’ Burned Bright A brief history of the battles of Midway and D-Day This week the Center for Security Policy honored me with its 2013 “Freedom’s Flame” award — two years after giving me the greater honor of delivering a short tribute to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon as the “Keeper of the […]

Allen West Weekly Wrap Up 5/31/13 via @Next_GenTV

The Obama Capitulation Campaign – His foreign policy has weakened the U.S. abroad   This week was started with Memorial Day, a day when we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this great American republic. We in the West household each expressed what Memorial Day meant to us.   Our exchange student Lin explained […]

Allen West Weekly Wrap Up 5/17/13 via @Next_GenTV

The Motto’s That Define Us – The Obama administration could use a few good words What a week! We have officially opened our new office/studio here in Washington, D.C., and it is great to have a finger on the pulse – yeah, I know exactly what you are thinking. It has been one heck of a week, and […]