CBC says Tea Party racist to Allen West and Herman Cain they’re ‘oreos’ by Joe Newby

, Spokane Conservative Examiner September 25, 2011

Dan Joseph of the Media Research Center went to the Congressional Black Caucus Conference in Washington, D.C., to find out exactly what the Caucus thought of the Tea Party.

Not surprisingly, the Caucus – a group where the sole qualification for entry is race – agreed the Tea Party is racist.

Several told Joseph the Tea Party is racist because it came into existence during the Obama Administration, with one member calling it a response to “having a black man in office.”  That, for them, was proof the group is racist.

“They came about at a time where most of America was relishing in the fact that the country had changed in a symbolic way and an African-American was elected President,” one member said.

“I think the Tea Party should go to hell,” said another, echoing the words of California Democrat Maxine Waters.

“The Tea Party means trouble – you tell them to go to hell,” said a member wearing a military garrison cap.

Hilary O. Shelton, Director of the NAACP Washington, DC bureau, told Joseph he did not believe the Tea Party is racist, but claimed “elements” of the Tea Party was using it to advance what he called a “racist agenda.”  Shelton did not elaborate what that agenda was, however.

For at least two members, the Tea Party is racist because of Michele Bachmann, and one member claimed Sarah Palin is racist.

When asked about Herman Cain and Allen West – two prominent African-Americans who are proud Tea Party members –  several questioned their “blackness,” and at least one called them “oreos” – a slur meaning one who is “black on the outside, but white on the inside.”  The very definition is as racist as one can get, but these members had no problem using it.




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