CBS host Scott Pelley Cannot Handle The Truth

The host of CBS’s 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley, is not the brightest light in the tunnel it seems. He tried to set up a hack job on conservative guest Mike Cernovich Mike is a lawyer, independent blogger, author, filmmaker, and a dominant voice on Twitter. One of the items discussed was Hillary Clinton and what the doctors did and did not say about her health issues that were seen on the campaign trail. Mike realized how it was going to run with the CBS history of hit jobs. He took CBS on and turned the tables against Scott as shown below:



As Written By Ezra Dulis for Breitbart:

Scott Pelley, host of CBS News’ 60 Minutes,embarrassed himself in a Sunday segment about “fake news” — despite having the final cut on a hostile interview with a right-wing activist.

Mike Cernovich — a lawyer, independent blogger/author/filmmaker, and a dominant voice on Twitter — built up significant buzz for 60 Minutes by revealing on Thursday he had granted Pelley a sit-down interview. In the hours before the live broadcast, Cernovich anticipated that the 45-minute conversation would be “selectively edited” and pre-emptively published a partial transcript.

That concern is based on a long history of network news programs using misleading or downright comical editing to put conservatives in the worst possible light. As the segment aired, Pelley’s opening statement made it clear this story was a smear job:

In this last election, the nation was assaulted by impostors masquerading as reporters. They poisoned the conversation with lies on the left and on the right. Many did it to influence the outcome — others just to make a buck. The president uses the term “fake news” to discredit responsible reporting that he doesn’t like. But we’re going to show you how con artists insert truly fake news into the……


CBS’s Scott Pelley Loses a Fight Rigged in His Favor


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