Chaffetz: House Oversight Committee to Subpoena Trump Admin 

When you first start reading this you wonder what information the Trump administration is withholding and why? Jason Chaffetz is on the same side as President Trump. Then you dig down into the story and you begin to see who is withholding information. It is the shadow government that President Obama left in place and they are still protecting his so-called legacy. What this means is that the President and his cabinet are going to have to knock it loose.

As Written By Neil W. McCabe for Breitbart: 

The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee told a Thursday forum at the Washington-based watchdog Judicial Watch that starting April 1 his committee and staff will hold President Donald Trump and his administration accountable for producing requested documents.

“I would hope the new president would get more aggressive and demand that these departments and agencies provide the documents that Congress is seeking,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who took over the committee at the start of the previous session of Congress. “I don’t think they are off to a good start.”

Up until the end of March, the chairman said he indulged the Trump administration’s need to settle in, he said.

The chairman was careful to note that regarding new requests the committee sent to the administration, the response has been prompt and cooperative, such as with inquiries into the Government Services Administration lease of the Old Post Office building to the Trump Organization, now operating the Trump International Hotel there. “That was disposed of right on time.”

Chaffetz said that all requests to the President Barack Obama administration are still active, and before the inauguration, he sent a letter to then-incoming White House Counsel Donald McGahn informing him that he expected the Trump administration to have a better record complying with congressional requests than Obama’s. “We expect these to be fulfilled.”

The problem is that many of the same people who obstructed congressional inquiries……


Rep. Jason Chaffetz: House Oversight Committee to Subpoena Trump Admin for Late Docs – Breitbart



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