Charles Hurt compares Special Counsel Muellers Investigation to “Lucy [van Pelt] with the football” [Video]

[VIDEO] Columnist Charles Hurt appeared in an interview on FOX News and of course, the subject was the plea deal by Michael Flynn. The more we dissect the deal that Special Counsel Robert Mueller extracted from Flynn, the more obvious what a poor case that Mueller must have. It is another missed attempt like that of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football held by Lucy. Do you have a visual? Read on and watch, please.

As Written, Reported By and Seen First on Fox and Friends:

Columnist Charles Hurt reacted to how the announcement of a guilty plea from Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.] in Robert Mueller’s investigation has excited Trump critics.

Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to one count of lying to the FBI about negotiations with the Russian ambassador.

“Fox & Friends” discussed how the media has celebrated every development in the Mueller probe.

Hurt compared the investigation to “Lucy [van Pelt] with the football.”

In Peanuts, Lucy would always swipe the football seconds before Charlie Brown was to kick it.

“They’re like we finally got [Trump],” Hurt said, adding that in most cases, breaking news from the investigation ends up throwing little implication on Trump himself.

“This was a crime that was created by the investigation itself,” he said of Flynn’s charge. “[It] has nothing to do with Trump or the transition team.”

He said that if Flynn or Trump wanted to collude with the Russians, they should have done so before the election – as Flynn’s conversations with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak reportedly occurred after the polls……..


Hurt: Mueller’s Attempts to Incriminate Trump ‘Like Lucy With the Football’ | Fox News Insider

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