Chaz Stevens Invites Allen West to “Root Beer Summit” Over Deerfield’s Housing Authority

By Matthew Hendley  of Broward Palm Beach.Com

Several months ago, Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland announced she was getting rid of the entire board of commissioners from the city’s housing authority.

Over concerns that federal taxpayer coin was being wasted in the housing authority, Rep. Allen West hopped on the case and asked the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of the Inspector General to come investigate. HUD is in town looking into the agency, but Noland has failed to follow through on the removal of the board.

That, among a few more possible legal violations alleged against the agency, has led activist Chaz Stevens to invite West to an official “Root Beer Summit.”

Obama had his beer summit,” Stevens writes on his website. “I asked Allen West to come have a Root Beer Summit with me.”

That he did:

Not willing to leave well enough alone, returning back to your well of help, thankful for your previous assistance, and knowing yours to be a crucial voice in my fight for a better community, I invite you to a Root Beer Summit where over cold mugs of A&W a cordial chat can take place about Deerfield’s systemic problems of political corruption, the challenged ethics of our elected local leaders, and possible ways out of this morass.

West’s letter to HUD OIG included a request that they look into “allegations of criminal conduct that may involve nepotism, bid rigging and procurement violations” — one of which Stevens would like to discuss with him.


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