Chelsea Clinton Goes To War With Megyn Kelly?

You know it’s a green day in h*ll when even the conspiracy theorists now see the liberal left for what they are… and they’ll try to strike back, low key at first like with Chelsea Clinton calling Alex Jones a “liar” during a recent interview with Megyn Kelly… I mean, why even take someone like Jones and his Infowars that seriously? If all it is, is “conspiracy theorists” — right? Unless you got something to hide.

As Written By Andrew West for the Constitution: 

As the fracture democratic party attempts to find cohesion before the 2020 election, one leftist leader continues to invite herself into the conversation.

Chelsea Clinton, former First Daughter and spawn of Hillary Clinton, has found a plethora of ways to keep her name on the tips of the tyrannical leftist tongues in this, their time of “resistance”.  As a youngest member of the corrupt Clinton crime family, Chelsea has often been trotted out in front of crowds that neither of her parents were able to connect with due to their age and their distance from the average American.  We mustn’t forget that both Bill and Hillary have long been tainted by their own infamous careers, spanning decades, and that Chelsea’s relatively clean slate may fool come of the more malleable millennial voters that the democratic party depends on.

It has been fairly obvious that the youngest Clinton is being groomed for office, given her nepotistic stint at The Clinton Foundation, and this sudden emergence as a voice within the liberal community.  Now, as she searches for even more desperate ways to stay in the public eye, Chelsea has a strange mix of targets in her rhetorical crosshairs, including Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones.

“Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton attacked Infowars founder Alex Jones as ‘a liar’ Sunday night following a sneak preview of his sit down interview with NBC host Megyn Kelly.

“Clinton claimed it was a ‘horrible thing’ for Kelly to ‘give a platform to a Sandy Hook truther,’ and discouraged parents from watching Jones’ upcoming NBC interview.

“’There is no justification for amplifying lies (or a liar), particularly about unimaginable tragedy. I hope no parent, no person watches this,’ Chelsea said.”

While her superficial lambasting of Megyn Kelly comes as no surprise due to the newly-christened NBC host’s conservative past, her beef with Alex Jones may have nothing to do………


Chelsea Clinton Goes To War With Megyn Kelly over Alex Jones Interview

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