Chelsea Given Another One-Percenter Position

What liberal progressive billionaire would not want the help and talents of Chelsea Clinton? The name brand alone was worth millions and millions last year. The compensation for her time is adequate for her elitist standing in the Leftist Nation. Certainly, she has picked up many talents and skills from Bill and Hillary and add to it all that time at the White House. Winner, winner, chicken diner.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for America Thinker:

The Ruling Class takes care of its progeny.  Chelsea Clinton, whose job experience includes a number of short-lived gigs at prestigious and lucrative employers (NBC News, McKinsey & Co, for example) has found yet another very, very part-time job. Richard Morgan reports for the New York Post:

Mama Hillary Clinton didn’t make it to the White House, and hubby Marc Mezvinsky has just shuttered his hedge fund.

What’s a girl to do?

Expedia answered that question for Chelsea Clinton Friday by appointing her to its board.

The online travel giant had to increase the number of its directors from 13 to 14 in order to accommodate Clinton, according to securities filings.

But with 54 percent of its voting shares, Expedia’s chairman — billionaire Barry Diller — has the clout to do it.

Diller has already provided Chelsea with another board gig:

Diller was simply reprising the role he played in appointing Clinton to the board of IAC Interactive four years ago, where he was and still is chairman.

That first board seat generated “$299,936 compensation — $50,000 cash and $249,936 in stock”  — which is a substantial multiple of the yearly household income in the United States.  On top of that, Chelsea now will nearly double that, receiving from Diller’s other board: “$295,000, consisting of a $45,000 cash…….


Blog: Chelsea gets one-percenter income for a few board meetings a year

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