Chicago PD Wins Tug-of-War With Antifa [Video]

Antifa decided to stir up some trouble in Chicago today. They came dressed in their standard black mask and black clothing attire, read to take on whatever came their way… but plans change.

It all started around 2PM as they were gearing up to protest against some court action involving someone they say is a white supremacist.

The group was intent on blocking roads during their rally despite being warned multiple times by Chicago PD to get out of the road. The Antifa group decided to test the limits of the police and were quickly put in their place.

Over the weekend, as you’re aware, a clash broke out between alt-left and alt-right protesters in Charlottesville, VA where the police there are being accused of literally leading alt-right protesters into the line of the alt-left then essentially refusing to help as they were being attacked.

It’s good to see that the Chicago PD may have some sense about them.

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Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization which has a history of vandalism and assaults, which include throwing explosives, bricks, and glass bottles full of nails at police.

Antifa consists of people who largely believe in committing acts of violence against “Nazis.” This is something that most people would generally be willing to look the other way on, except their definition of “Nazi” or fascism is fairly loose.

Anybody who is simply perceived to be a supporter of President Donald Trump is labeled as a Nazi or fascist, and subject to being attacked unprovoked.

Antifa has been involved in rioting in multiple cities across America during the past few months. During these riots, they have beaten people simply perceived to be Trump supporters, along with throwing rocks, bricks, glass bottles, and explosives at them.


WATCH: Chicago PD Wins Tug-of-War With Antifa After They Try To Bring Their Nonsense To Chicago

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